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Build Docker images

Unofficial OfflineIMAP Dockerfile for backing up all folders of an imap server.


After installing docker, just run the following command:

docker pull maxkratz/offlineimap:latest

Environment variables

You can use the following environment variables for customization of this container:

MAILLOG # If set to true, container will create a log instead of using console output

Mount volumes or bind folders

One may mount a folder of the host to /mnt/mail within the container to enable persistent backups of imap servers.

  • /mnt/mail may be used as backup target.
  • /mnt/config will be used as config. Be sure to place a file named offlineimap.conf with a valid configuration in here.
  • /mnt/secret may be used as folder to get secrets from. You can e.g. place password files in this folder and use them in your config file.
  • /mnt/log will be used as log target (if environment variable is set).

Full example command

docker run -it -v ~/email-backups/offlineimap-config:/mnt/config -v ~/email-backups/offlineimap-secret:/mnt/secret -v ~/email-backups/offlineimap-mail:/mnt/mail -v ~/email-backups/offlineimap-log:/mnt/log -e MAILLOG=TRUE maxkratz/offlineimap:latest


accounts = personal-mail

[Account personal-mail]
localrepository = local-personal-mail
remoterepository = remote-personal-mail

[Repository local-personal-mail]
type = Maildir
localfolders = /mnt/mail

[Repository remote-personal-mail]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
remoteuser = user123
remotepassfile = /mnt/secret/password.conf
sslcacertfile = /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt



Please notice that this container provides validated CAs in folder shown above.


The Dockerfile can be found at:

What gets installed in this container?

The following packages are installed within this docker container:

  • Some utility packages like locales, bash-completion, ca-certificates etc.
  • OfflineIMAP (thats the whole point ...)