A curated list of delightful Forgejo-related projects and resources.
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Delightful Forgejo


A curated list of delightful Forgejo-related projects and resources.


Emoji for each entry provide additional information on project status:

  • = official Forgejo resources
  • 👻 = inactive for over a year, or officially abandoned

Official resources

Resources maintained as part of the primary Forgejo project.


In addition to Forgejo's official documentation, the following resources may be useful.


Public instances

Forgejo instances with open registration.

  • Codeberg - free and open for FOSS projects only, run by a German non-profit organization. Also provides hosted Woodpecker (CI) and Weblate (localisation).
  • Disroot - a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. Also provides many other free hosted services.
  • KaKi's git - free and open, run by a French web developer.


Platform-specific packages to easily install and update Forgejo on your system. These are generally maintained either by distro packagers or by community volunteers.

Packaging status

Also see forgejo package versions on Repology.

Forgejo actions runners

  • Forgejo runner supports LXC & Docker & shell with binaries for GNU/Linux (amd64, arm64)
  • act runner supports Docker & shell with binaries for GNU/Linux (amd64, arm64, arm[567]), FreeBSD, Windows, MacOS
  • forgejo-hetzner-runner - Deploy Forgejo Actions runners on Hetzner infrastructure
  • helm-chart - Deploy a Forgejo on the specified instance (default: codeberg.org), name and token (generated .runner config file keeps in a Kubernetes Secret).



  • GitNex (repo) - Android client for Forgejo and Gitea (Android GPL)
  • 👻 GitTouch - Mobile client for Forgejo, Gitea, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket (Android, iOS Apache)


  • forgejo-curl - a thin curl wrapper that helps with Forgejo authentication
  • tea - the official Gitea CLI client, works with Forgejo (cross-platform MIT)


Infrastructure as Code



  • gitcat - Python script that allows sign-up to a Forgejo instance to all local users of a Mastodon server. (Python - GPLv3)
  • Renovate - Dependency update tool (similar to dependabot) with Forgejo support. (TypeScript - AGPLv3)


  • github2gitea/github2forgejo - Bash script that creates mirrors for various GitHub resources like orgs, users and starred repos (incl. private repos). (Bash - AGPLv3)
  • Enhancements for Forgejo - Violentmonkey userscript that adds minor UX improvements to the web UI. (JavaScript - MIT)

Package deployment

  • lein-forgejo-wagon - Leiningen plugin for deployment and downloading of JARs in Maven repositories hosted on Forgejo packages.

API clients


Noteworthy news, articles and information about Forgejo.




If you have questions or feedback regarding this list, then please create an Issue in our tracker, and optionally @mention one or more of our maintainers:


With delight we present you some of our delightful contributors (please add yourself if you are missing).



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