Examples for the GIPS framework.
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GIPS Examples

GIPS is an open-source framework for Graph-Based ILP Problem Specification. This repository holds some GIPS example projects.


  • Install GIPS as described in its repository.
  • Launch a runtime workspace (while using a runtime Eclipse) as stated in the eMoflon::IBeX installation steps. (Please refer to the installation steps of GIPS above.)
  • Clone this Git repository to your local machine and import it into Eclipse: File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace. Import all projects.
    • As an alternative, you can use this PSF file for the import.
  • Build all your projects with the black eMoflon hammer. Sometimes, it is required to trigger a cleaning in Eclipse (Project -> Clean... -> Clean all projects).
  • You can now launch a GIPS project like org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.mdvne:
    • Go to org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.mdvne -> src-gen -> org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.mdvne.api.gips in the project explorer.
    • Launch MdvneLauncher.launch with a right click -> Run As -> MdvneLauncher.
    • Please keep in mind that not every project contains a .launch file.

Example Overview

Name Description
org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.headlessrunner.* Example on how to build and use a GIPS project headlessly - export it to JAR and run it
org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.helloworld Very simple hello world example for the GIPS language - can not be executed
org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.mdvne.* Model-driven Virtual Network Embedding example with and without migration functionality
network.model Network (meta)model with converters and a manipulator for the MdVNE example
org.emoflon.gips.gipsl.examples.sdr.* Software-Defined Radio task scheduling on CPUs
PersonTaskAssignments/PTA* Person-to-Task Assignments for construction purposes

For more projects, refer to the GIPS test repository.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for more details.