Moodle platform file synchronization from a desktop app.
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Due to the digitalization in education and the resulting increasing amount of e-learning resources, many universities and other educational institutions use browser based learning platforms for sharing and managing those. An often used learning platform is Moodle. It offers lecturers the possibility to publish lecture notes, recordings and other e-learning materials amongst their students. Because of the fact that the process to upload and manage data via the browser view of Moodle is very time consuming, the objective of this project was to develop a desktop application used for file synchronization between a local directory and the learning platform Moodle. Futhermore students can download files or a whole course with simply one click. A Moodle plugin to add new web-service functions was developed. For further information about installation and usage please visit the wiki of this repository.

Works with following plugin for Moodle:


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